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Where can I find a Qualified Dietitan?

Get the right information on what you can and can't eat, seek out a Qualified Dietitian.

Where to find a Dietitian?

1. Ask your GP for a referral

2. Ask your Gastroenterologist for a referral

3. Go to the Dietitians Association of Australia website...

If you live in Frankston or Mornington Peninsula region we can recommend the following local dietitians...

Malindi Greenwood

Dietition-20 years experience, key area of interest in Diabetes Management, Irritible Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac and Chrohns disease

Activeone, Health Professional Group, 25 Yuille Street, Frankston Phone: 87070830


Kate Save
Director of PPN (Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition) and Co-Director of BE FIT FOOD
Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Exercise Physiologist
[email protected]
T +613 5974 1011
F+613 5974 1022
Head Office  15 Railway Grove, Mornington Vic 3934
Mail PO Box 682, Mt Martha, Victoria 3934


Stephanie Cowan Nutrition

Practise Locations

19 Sunningdale Road Rosebud VIC, 3939

Level 3, Suite 3, 5 Susono Way Frankston VIC, 3199

phone: 04 2274 1116 
Stephanie is an accredited practicing dietitian and nutritionist that specialises in assisting with diagnosis and management of coeliac disease and food intolerance. Her services include personalised treatment plans using a strict gluten-free diet, FODMAPs diet and FAILSAFE (low food chemical) diet. Her mission is to empower and support her clients to take control over their health
Joey De Backer 
Accredited Practising Dietitian, Holistic nutritionist, Ayurvedic lifestyle practitioner, Mindfulness leader, Thermomix Consultant
6 years experience working with people with food intolerances, I use a holistic approach for not just managing food intolerance but healing and thriving. 
0433 483 007
[email protected]


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