All our products are Fructose Friendly and Gluten Free

About Us

Welcome to the Fructose Friendly Store

My name is Maria and here is my family.

By 2015, three of my family were diagnosed with Fructose Intolerance after having been unwell for some years. We needed to change our diet and after lots of research and advice from our doctor and dietician we found out what I could and could not serve up for meals.

But, this meant that my weekly shopping trip could no longer be done in one Supermarket, or even one Shopping Centre. I had to visit several stores and search for products that were suitable for the Fructose Intolerant family members, but that also tasted nice so that the rest of the family could enjoy the meals too.

So here is my selection of Fructose Friendly and Gluten Free foods that we have tried and have found to taste good and make healthy and enjoyable meals. You can purchase anything in our store and be comfortable that it is both Fructose Friendly and Gluten Free.

Many of our foods are also Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Nut Free and we have a wide range of Vegan foods. All are clearly labelled to help you locate the foods that suit you best.

We regularly attend trade shows and Food Expo's as we search for good quality, tasty foods that make Fructose Friendly eating fun and enjoyable.